Orthopaedic Hand Specialists in Summerville, SC

Hand Institute of Charleston provides premier orthopaedic surgery in Summerville, SC. Our team of highly trained hand surgeons specialize in treatment and surgery in all areas of the hand. The orthopaedic hand specialists in Summerville offer expert level knowledge in diagnosing trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand and wrist arthritis, ganglion cysts, Dupuytren’s contracture, and other conditions. We offer minimally invasive techniques for these conditions to provide our patients with speedy recoveries and professional care.

At Hand Institute of Charleston, you can receive minimally invasive hand surgery and hand therapy. For hand therapy, our certified hand therapists (CHTs) work with our surgeons to treat hand and wrist issues and to tailor treatment plans to the needs of each patient. When you need a hand doctor in Summerville, SC, look no further than Hand Institute of Charleston. Call our office today and speak with a caring member of our staff to schedule your appointment.